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Illinois American Water Sanitary Sewer GIS Data Collection

Illinois American Water (ILAW) requested GIS field services to collect data on their newly acquired sanitary sewer systems throughout southern Illinois. For these services, CDI provided sanitary sewer system GPS locates, inspections, and mapping of ILAW’s sanitary structures and associated sewers.

During field investigations, CDI captured survey-grade GPS locations, measured physical asset features, populated GIS attribute information (accessibility, type, location, material, size, number of pipes, etc.), assessed asset condition, as well as collected feature and site photographs. Following field work, QA/QC analysis was performed to validate all GIS data, locations, and network connectivity. To date, CDI has mapped nearly 3,500 sanitary structures and 1.1 million feet of sewers for ILAW. Project deliverables included GIS geodatabases and associated files, in addition to custom asset inspection reports consisting of the feature’s mapped location, attribute data, and pictures.

Client: Illinois American Water

Owner: Illinois American Water

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