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Idlewood Inline Storage

Idlewood Inline Storage

CDI provided professional engineering and land surveying services for Louisville MSD’s Idlewood Inline Storage Project. The project scope included the design of inline storage facilities to alleviate any sanitary sewer overflows, as well as alternative analysis, permitting, geotechnical investigation, modeling coordination, and survey. The proposed solution included approximately 500 linear feet of 12-inch to 24-inch connecting sanitary sewers, as well as nearly 700 linear feet of 120-inch inline sanitary sewer storage to address surcharged sewer conditions during wet weather events. Additional scope items included the structural design of large junction structures and the design of sewers and flow control structures, in addition to the design of any mitigation measures to reduce impacts to the adjacent creek.

CDI prepared construction plans, bid documents, specifications, easement plats, cost estimates, and engineer reports for Louisville MSD, and managed the geotechnical and permitting subconsultants on this project.

Client: Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

Owner: Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

Location: Louisville, KY

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