Water Resources


Harlem-Baden Relief System IMprovements

CDI completed the initial design of approximately 2,600 linear feet of storm sewer pipes in a residential subdivision, as well as the 1,300 linear feet of storm sewer pipes included in an additional design phase. The area is served by combined sewers and the primary goal of the project is to separate the storm and sanitary systems. The area has a long history of street flooding, yard flooding, and basement backups, which this project also addresses and alleviates. There are many existing underground utilities, including the existing combined sewer system, which were successfully navigated by investigating several alternatives.

Project priorities also included cost and coordination with the others designing connecting storm lines. The inlets were strategically located to intercept flow and minimize land disturbance. The pipes were routed for the shortest distances and most efficient paths to also limit cost and minimize land use.

Client: CDG Engineers

Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Location: St. Louis, MO

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