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Effingham Jr. High School Improvements

In 2019, Effingham Community Schools Unit 40 made Health/Life Safety Improvements to the existing junior high school. Improvements included roof and floor replacements, exterior door and window replacements, plumbing fixture updates, asbestos removal, gym wall stabilization, and mechanical system replacements. Additional upgrades included new sanitary sewers, an ADA-accessible front entrance, and sidewalks around the school. CDI was responsible for all surveying, civil engineering, and structural engineering services.

In 2020, CDI completed additional site improvements for the junior high school facility, including new bus and parent pick-up lanes, as well as a new parking lot and stormwater detention basin. CDI was responsible for all survey and civil engineering services.

Client: FGM Architects

Owner: Effingham Community Schools Unit 40

Year: 2019-2020

Location: Effingham, IL

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