Infrastructure + Analytics

Flow Metering and Monitoring Services

The ADS Environmental Services team was selected to provide flow metering and monitoring services for 300+ sites annually as a part of Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s ten-year program to assist in the planning, maintenance, and operation of their sanitary sewer collection system. The project aims to provide processed flow metering data for MSD’s regulatory compliance efforts, along with accurate data for hydraulic modeling updates and system maintenance.

As part of the ADS team, CDI is providing flow metering GIS database development, management, data collection, and mapping services. CDI also plays an integral role in the flow metering data submittals, performing weekly data reviews, final data processing, and team QA/QC. Additionally, CDI developed custom web and desktop applications for data processing and integrations. Project deliverables include the GIS database, meter site exhibits, custom applications, final processed meter data, and annual meter site summary reports.

Client: ADS Environmental Services

Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Location: St. Louis County, MO

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