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Mineola Hill Climbing Lanes Design-Build

The Mineola Hill Climbing Lanes Design-Build constructed eastbound and westbound truck climbing lanes along I-70 in Montgomery County, MO, enabling traffic to flow more safely and efficiently. The project also replaced bridges along I-70 through the Loutre River Valley. The engineering and construction project for this project was $14.4 million.

The CDI team provided professional land surveying and civil engineering services. Survey services included control locates, field surveying for areas where additional data was needed, and processing survey data and merging it into a base map. Roadway design tasks included cable and guardrail design and detailing, drainage design, erosion control plans, and temporary traffic control. CDI’s traffic control services included real-time traffic control and rolling roadblocks.

Client: Bartlett & West / Emery Sapp

Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation

Location: Montgomery County, MO

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