Building Stronger Communities: MSD Flow Monitoring

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on while at CDI?

My favorite project to work on at CDI has been the MSD Flow Monitoring project. It has been the longest-standing project that I have worked on and has helped build the foundation that CDI sits on today. The scope of work for this project entailed reviewing, editing, and finalizing flow monitoring data for the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD or the District); as well as designing and implementing a web-based application using ESRI ArcGIS, for displaying flow monitor locations and attributes along with site photos and field crew Work Orders for site maintenance. CDI also assisted in the creation of desktop applications and data transfer utilities to benefit project team members with editing, finalizing, and submitting deliverables.

How did CDI Build Stronger Communities through this project?

As communities face the burden and costs of crumbling infrastructures, the need for sanitary sewer system flow monitoring is necessary. Through regular observation by the project team’s field crews and data analysts, pipe deterioration, structure defects, and flow issues were identified. Using the data gathered, inflow/infiltration issues were also identified to help aid in a plan to prevent community basement backups. As a result, the District was able to proactively determine how to keep the sanitary sewer system functioning properly and avoid unexpected costs. This project saved the District money by eliminating unnecessary future upgrade projects and additionally helped communities bill customers for sewer usage accurately and efficiently.

Author: Amanda Dioneda, 15 Years at CDI

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